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Zettabyte File System(ZFS.NET) for MS.NET/Mono in C#.....

ZFS is a file system designed by Sun Microsystems for the Solaris Operating System.

Welcome to ZFS

ZFS is a new kind of file system that provides simple administration, transactional semantics, end-to-end data integrity, and immense scalability. ZFS is not an incremental improvement to existing technology; it is a fundamentally new approach to data management. We've blown away 20 years of obsolete assumptions, eliminated complexity at the source, and created a storage system that's actually a pleasure to use.
ZFS Features

* Pooled Storage Model
* Always consistent on disk
* Protection from data corruption
* Live data scrubbing
* Instantaneous snapshots and clones
* Fast native backup and restore
* Highly scalable
* Built in compression
* Simplified administration model

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